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Cincinnati, OH

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Ubee modem, can't change to Bridge mode

I have one of the new ubee modem/wifi modems installed and I've been having some rather bad speed issues with the wifi and the ethernet port connections. At times I can't even watch a 360p video on youtube without it stopping to buffer every 5 seconds. However I pay for a VPN service and the odd thing is, whenever I connect to the VPN my internet speed is faster! I can watch 720p videos on youtube with no issues, but I can't even dream of watching 720p videos on youtube if I am not connected to the VPN. I'm thinking it has something to do with the TWC DNS or proxy. While from what I've read it is not possible to change the dns servers in the Ubee modem but it is possible to make it go into Bridge mode and connect everything to a separate router running tomato or ddwrt where I can configure these settings better.

I am able to access the modem and login just fine at 192.168.01 however all the URL's for the supposed 'secret page' where you can conver it into a bridge mode I keep on getting "No Data received" pages at »

Can anybody tell me how to fix that so I can access this configuration page and move it to bridge mode? Also might anybody be able to explain the slow buffering speeds when not using a VPN? Because technically it doesn't make any sense that my internet connection is faster when I tunnel it through another provider.

Cable Modem : DOCSIS 3.0 Compliant
Boot Code Version : 10.2.1a
Software Version : 9.8.3015D2
Hardware Version : 3.7.5
CA Key : Installed

Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable
Try the following:

    •Reset to factory defaults (hold the reset button)
    •Re-connect the modem, wait for it to sync
    •Go to » and log in. Username is user, password is user. If that doesn't work, try the last 6 of the MAC address (uppercase, no colons, dashes, or dots) and a password of c0nf1gur3m3
    •After logging in, go to » and change it to bridge mode

If the modem doesn't respond to », try using »

Also, you might want to consider just purchasing a cable modem without a built in router/wireless. Then, you don't have to worry about bridge mode (which can be buggy on some modems). Plus, you won't have to pay the rental fee. They have some cheaper DOCSIS 3 modems on the approved list now.


Cincinnati, OH
I reset the modem and went back to »

However the same issue occurs, I get a "no data received" error.

Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.


Cincinnati, OH
I was able to login, apparently I needed to use the last 8 digits/letters of the MAC address as the username and then "c0nf1gur3m3" as the password. The modem is in bridge mode, however whenever I hookup either of my linksys routers, the ethernet adapter on my computer says it is connected to the internet, however I am unable to see any web pages or ping any domains. I reset my modem to default and then tried using another modem, all of which I had no luck in getting the internet to work. If I plug directly back into the Ubee modem I have incredibly faster internet but of course I need the router function and the internet isn't working when I plug the computers in directly to the router.


reply to damion35
If you are able to get internet via direct connection when the ubee is bridged, and not your routers, there may be a configuration problem in the router (Make sure you're rebooting the modem when you're swapping devices). Make sure when you're direct connected you're getting a public IP on your computer (Not the 192.168).