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Fenton, MO
reply to Cptbeatstix

Re: Brand New characters to level.

Never played on a PvP server... I do enjoy PvP, and I really don't see anything wrong with a low-level player getting ganked from time to time - seems like it would definitely add to the "tension" while questing. I do wish that there were some mechanism in place to prevent a lowbie from getting CAMPED, however. (Camping in battlegrounds is a completely different matter, as that's a valid strategy, and you're dealing with toons of roughly equal level.) A level 90 ganks a level 14 - lesson learned - keep your head on a swivel. Same level 90 camps the lowbie for 20 minutes, lowbie can't get anything done and logs out in frustration... lesson learned - some players enjoy making it impossible for others to play the game.
Something simple might be: "you can attack any player within 10 levels of you, as much as you want. If you attack a player more than 10 levels below your level, once the fight is over you have a 5-minute "cooldown" where you cannot attack that player." No idea how difficult that would be to implement, however.

Evans, GA
I like negative honor points... I like the idea of losing rep with certain factions based on dishonorable activities. I like the idea of becoming an "honorless target" for as long as you have the long rez timer. I also like the idea of having a hit-squad of ganker+3 lvls spawn out of nowhere to kill said ganker once an "honorless target" got killed by someone for the Nth time.


Yorktown, VA
said by Immer:

I like negative honor points... I like the idea of losing rep with certain factions based on dishonorable activities.

There was a point in WoW history where dishonorable kills did actually exist. It was a horricfic system that completely halted world pvp while it was around. People who had any interest in getting PvP gear (by gaining ranks through farming honor - not the currency) would never think about attacking another city. Accidentally killing low lvl players and certain NPCs - all of which were happy to attack you - would butcher your rank.

IMO there's an easy solution to the CRZ problems. Make a separate copy for all characters above certain levels. For example, if you enter Loch Modan above level 50 (randomly selected #), you are in the 'above level range' copy of the zone. Griefing of people trying to level up would be for the most part solved if all who are above the range to realistically level within a zone are placed in a separate copy.

Just some quickly tossed together and perhaps not fully developed thoughts!
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