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Re: Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

said by footballdude:

said by bionicRod:

Grats on 80 man!

Thanks. I wanted to level out before all the new stuff hits this weekend so I made an effort to finish it this week. I still need to finish up the personal missions and start working on gear (I honestly have no idea where to find level 80 gear) but I'm good to go on the invasion.

This may be horrible advice, but I bought a set of yellow mf gear for cheap off the auction house at 80 and updated it over time. The increase in blues, greens and yellows mean more gold in your pocket to put toward buying better mf gear, etc. etc. until you can afford to either craft or buy the exotics you actually want. It's not fast but it does work. Of course you can also farm dungeons for the dungeon gear. I also completed maps over level 60, 2 guaranteed exotics for each one.