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Metairie, LA
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to Skipig

Re: Seizure the best answer?

said by Skipig:

Obama has been given a mandate. Wouldn't it be best to just have the government nationalize all broadband--teleco, cable and satellite? Why allow ATT to pick and choose. Seize them and force them to upgrade the entire network and provide it as a public service. Genakowski would certainly favor such a move and the Republicans are powerless to stop it now. We could do the same for the big content providers. Just saying . . . why should we have to pay anything?

That's fine if you want to live in a communist country. I'm so sick and tired of that BS. AT&T is not a monopoly anymore, they do not have a strangle hold on telecommunications. Cable is a threat to them as well as other providers.

....and no I am not a republican, I'm a registered democrat who believes in the free market system. if AT&T screws this up they will pay for it by losing customers. if they do it right they will gain revenue in the long run. that is how enterprise works.

I am also a firm believer that you make a choice to live out in the boonies. If you move out there and can't get broadband that's your own damn fault. no one told you to go live like a hermit in the middle of nowhere. if you can't get it and you live in a suburban area then you have a problem with your local gov't, that is the only way I see it as the gov'ts responsibility. It is there responsibility to offer incentives to spur infrastructure spending in your community. If they can't do it, vote their butts out and vote in someone who can or petition for a local fiber network like Lafayette, LA did to compete the big telcos and cable operators.