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Nitro, WV
reply to Cabal

Re: Residential Vs Commercial account

said by Cabal:

Most of those cheaper "T1s" are actually bonded DSL and carry a whole host of caveats.

The ones I looked at had Committed Information Rates (CIRs), meaning guaranteed speed. And bonded DSL is just bonded carriers like any other T1, just not on the normal tele spectrum.

The issue though is the up to xxMbps in business class service from DSL and cable providers. With the T1 lines, you don't get up to xxMbps, you get a multiple/fraction 1.544Mbps stable with an SLA agreement (which are usually in the 99% range).

I know of a bunch of companies who rely on DSL and cable for mission critical services. Ever seen a McDs with a sign saying no credit cards? I have a lot, I used to fix them (they became too cheap now). McDs, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Applebees, Department stores, grocery stores, insurance companies, doctor's offices, etc, etc, etc. When their connections fail, so do their CC machines, database records and everything else.

If I were looking for business class services for $350/month, I'd choose the slow guaranteed T1 over a "superfast" best-effort cable connection any day of the week.


Haughton, LA

Being that he has the 107 tier, I'm not sure if he'd be willing to get even half that many T1 lines, LOL!!