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Mentor, OH
reply to icex

Re: What to charge customer for changing their mind?

said by icex:

I use an assortment of tools for removal of virus's and spyware.

There was no written estimate, it was verbal.

Always, always put everything in writing. hat was the lesson drummed into my head from the owner of a TV repair shop I used to work at.

Then both parties sign it in agreement. Then each get a copy.

They you'd be able to charge for what services were given.

Is it normal to charge for a diagnostic, if the customer agrees to the repairs?
Reason I ask is that at the TV repair shop we charged 25 bucks to take a TV/electronic consumer device's cover off and see what was going on. If the customer agreed to the price of the estimated cost repairs, then we'd wave the diagnostic fee. Also we'd give them the option of new or used parts. Both carried the same 90 warranty with us. Just that the used parts were typically lower in price/free. For example a new cap could cost a customer a couple of bucks, where as a recycled cap would be free. The TVs/devices where tested with a 24/48 hour burn before we released them back to the customer. Meaning we put them in a closet and let them run for that amount of time to see if there were any issues.
Also, when the customer signed the bill of repair, they were also agreeing that they ad 30 days to pay for the repairs. At the end of 30 days the device was our and we could sell it to recover the repair costs.
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