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reply to dnoyeB

Re: for classic ADSL, they count all the headers

said by dnoyeB:

That's a real shame. The fattening of the packet is within their own network. The data into and out of their network is the smaller unpackaged data. How can they charge you for the size of the data in their network!? That's like sending a letter to someone and being charged for the weight of the airplane if flew in.

Actually it is more analogous to including the weight of both the letter and the envelope (and even the weight of the postage stamp), which is how the USPS actually measures the weight of letters. So AT&T's method is actually based on a very commonly accepted use of paying for transportation of both the message and the envelope.

I am not a big fan of AT&T or their business practices, but in this case they are following a commonly accepted method of measurement for charging for the transportation of information (and I have no doubt that AT&T's shysters and bean counters have taken that commonly accepted measurement method into consideration).
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I don't agree. The envelope is under my control. It is not an add-on by the post office. it does not get bigger or smaller based on the POs technology. What I can't control is the size of the trucks and trains and planes the post office decides to use. I should not be charged for things outside of my control. I don't think that is standard practice.
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ATM and PPPoE encapsulation are consistent; nothing at all like the differences between planes, trains, trucks, and boats.

Moreover, to address your misconception in another thread about a "different name for the same product", AT&T U-verse does away with ATM and PPPoE encapsulation; in effect, reducing the size of the envelope.

BTW, not just USPS, and not just letters. Having worked in shipping I know that FedEx and UPS fees are based on the gross weight of the package.
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