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Santa Monica, CA
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reply to maartena

Re: Who is being charged?

said by maartena:

My Electricity bill has a $8 base fee, which means that if I use *nothing at all* I still pay a $8 bill. Gas and water have similar fees. They are kept low for a reason.... they are just there to make sure you have a line, a pipe, etc, and the line and/or pipe works.

I would have NO problem whatsoever to pay $10 for a pipe with an IP address, and ALL data being charged at the rate AT&T uses.

$10 for 50 GB, pro-rated would be $0.20 per GB, With a $10 base fee, my bill would be LESS if I only use 100 GB that month, and it would be MORE if I use more than 250 GB that month.

I say let them classify Internet as a utility, and implement a flat base rate for the un-used connection, and then charge for using it.

But again: It needs to be measured CORRECTLY. If the water pipe BEFORE it gets to my house leaks, I am not paying for that water as it hasn't past my meter yet. The way AT&T is measuring now, that water would be counted.

You've just made the case for measured service.
Indeed, a lot of people would save a lot of money this way, and I would welcome it with a UL-listed meter.

Trouble is, those here who would cry out for regulatory intervention would welcome a government-approved meter, which would have all sorts of Big-Brother functions you probably don't want, and of course, will incur a minimum AND usage-based tax.