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reply to ColumbusOH

Re: Youtube Streaming Down

said by ColumbusOH :

Glad I'm not alone and that as a group we seem to have determined this is a WOW-Google issue and not something within our homes.

Maybe not something within your homes but there has to be a commonality to those of you having the issue.


Evansville, IN
I agree. This is more than likely a google issue. They have, in the past, rolled out changes and new tech before everything is perfected for all applications. This could be caused by a number of different things.

I was connected directly with the modem at lunch today and youtube service was intermittent. I would get the "An error has occurred. Please try again later." issue but after a couple refreshes it would come through alright.

So I guess this thread should be closed. A new thread should be started with google and then maybe with enough squaking we'll get noticed.

I would suggest you guys get on the google products thread I posted to earlier and blow it up. This isn't really the correct platform for this problem.