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Who Is John Galt?
Galt's Gulch
reply to KodiacZiller

Re: What the heck, FBI?

said by KodiacZiller:

You're right, it will go to Google's servers. But most of the time that will be encrypted via SSL (which might not matter if Bob is watching him).

Not sure if a Gmail account was being used but even if it was and SSL was in play you, as a end-user, have no idea what happens to it after that,

SSL just guarantees an encrypted connection between you and a server. Once you're done does your data stay on that server? Is it transferred over the internet to another server? Who knows. In short you have no control.

And Bob listens to everyone, including Bob.

FYI this is another reason I won't have a device that can send/receive data (e.g. smartphone, tablet with cell etc) over the air. You, as an end user, don't know what/where/when your stuff is doing. I do have a wi-fi tablet but I can control that.
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