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Re: [help] What does it take to get some support from this compa

My general recovery experience over the last few storms: FIOS: No downtime as long as the fiber is not damaged... Passive network - no power requirement....
OOL/CV: If power is out at ONT (they usually place a generator there) or Alpha box that supplies power for Amps (they usually ignore this one) OOL is out... e.g. during Sandy I had no internet for a week thanks to a Alpha box not having power (while the node had power)....
Now: If there is a line cut I have always seen OOL/CV to fix it much quicker than VZ - this is simply math: Fiber cuts on VZ are many fibers. OOL is either a quick fix cut on coax - or a Fiber cut on a small number of Fibers to the nodes.... In this case FTTN wins..
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Cablevision has much more fiber than Verizon does. Cablevision just has better in-house fiber techs than Verizon does, that's why your outages are shorter.