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Hilo, HI
reply to BelarcGuy

Re: [App Update] [Free] Belarc Advisor 8.3

BEWARE! Do NOT use download.com to get this update. It will install Claro Search Browser Hijacker ESPECIALLY if you use Fx for the download and will infect all your browsers. It is bundled at download.com with Belarc Advisor and EVEN WHEN YOU REFUSE THE BUNDLE it installs anyway!

This was reported today in "mozilla.support.firefox" newsgroup. The person infected with this nasty reported it to CNet so perhaps CNet has either cleaned up their update of Belarc Advisor or has removed it.

Don't use Download.com for any downloads!
When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson

Maynard, MA

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It looks like download.com is now wrapping all their downloads with a "CNet Installer" that you get when you click on the big green Download Now button. The filename it gives you is something weird like cbsidlm-tr1_8-Belarc_Advisor-ORG2-10007177.exe so you can tell they've wrapped the Belarc installer in their download manager. However, you can instead click the small-ish "Direct Download Link" under that button to get the AdvisorInstaller.exe that's only the Belarc created installer. It's digitally signed by Belarc so your browser will usually show you that it's from Belarc. You can also always get the AdvisorInstaller.exe on the authoritative download page at
Kudos to Mele for the warning!