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London, ON
reply to Kardinal

Re: Gasoline Prices Below 99 Cents/Litre By Christmas

said by Kardinal:

If anything, I like the manual so that I actually slow down when I take my foot off the gas, rather than gas/brake/gas/brake/gas/brake that I see from other drivers.

interestingly, one of the first things i noticed about my new car is it does just that...if i am driving on the highway, and let go of the gas, it doesn't "coast", it slows down like a manual transmission car would...i'm not sure how, but my guess is the torque converter locks up "early" and stays on, which also makes it downshift as you continue to slow down...when i take the off ramps on a highway, if i "coast", it will even downshift like a manual as i round the bend...it is pretty close to feeling like a DSG in how it behaves...it isn't a DSG, but my guess is it may be "programmed" similar in how it behaves.
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