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reply to robman50

Re: [INTERNET] Any future upgrades coming soon?

Exactly. There are still areas in St Cath and Thorold that are using unjacketed aluminum plated distribution with magnavox amps.

Cogeco is in for a world of surprises. Bell is firing up Fibe TV all over St Catharines presently.

Was just at my buddies house, he works for Bell Technical Solutions. Had it installed today. Looks great. Didnt even need fiber to the home. VDSL2 slams are popping up everwhere. Has a 90mbit /40mbit obtainable. Going to take a huge market share

Fort Erie, ON
said by coaxguy:

Cogeco is in for a world of surprises. Bell is firing up Fibe TV all over St Catharines presently.

Bell have been making their way down the QEW. GTA, then Hamilton, now St. Catharines and Thorold. Niagara Falls will be next as I saw a Bell truck strapping a new SLAM on the OPI near my Mom's place. St. Cats and Thorold have had 25/10 Fibe Internet (and Teksavvy and everyone else who wholesales them) there for the last nine months or so, TV usually follows 6-12 months later so I'm not surprised. I haven't been able to find a single address anywhere in St. Catharines that can't get 25/10. Bell is getting aggressive up that way, and it's amusing to see the new VDSL SLAMs bolted onto the side of an OPI that already had an ADSL2+ SLAM bolted onto the other end. There's quite a few like that in St. Cats, and for what it's worth I have yet to see an OPI anywhere in that city without a VDSL SLAM attached.

Sadly, despite being along the QEW, I am not holding my breath for Bell to roll VDSL or Fibe-anything in Fort Erie so long as I'm still alive. I could only be so lucky. If you see your friend at Bell, ask him if there's any possibility. I'm sure he'll appreciate the chuckle.

Cogeco, in the grand scheme of things, is just not competitive at all. They treat their Ontario customers with high disposable incomes as if they were in the same league as their rural Quebec customers - except for charging the Ontario customers more, of course. Even Eastlink from a technological standpoint is way way way ahead of Cogeco even in some of their middle-of-nowhere markets in Central Ontario. The only thing Cogeco has an edge on compared to everyone else is SDV, and that was most likely forced on them by necessity than anything else.

As for the condition of Cogeco's plant in St. Catharines and Thorold, I'm sure they still blame Maclean-Hunter for that.


Beamsville, ON
I have been noticing an awful lot of Bell trucks out there. Maybe Beamsville is getting an upgrade? Hopefully we would see more than Bell Fibe 5 internet.