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reply to S25onic

Re: DSL or Cable?

As with many things, your mileage may vary. I've never experienced the dreaded local node or POI congestion on cable. I have both Bell DSL 25/7 and Tek Cable 28/1. Other than the cap, Bell DSL and Tek DSL roughly equivalent, I suppose.

Speed: Cable wins only by a whisker. I get 40-50Mbps down.
I sure like 7 up on DSL then again I'd like 1000/1000 too like I have at the office and our DC.

Reliability: DSL wins
Been on Cable almost 2 years. Was rock solid but then over the last 2-3 months have had numerous, mostly brief issues on cable (complete outages and packet loss). Obviously I have a DSL as "backup" but it is still a hassle to register a case in the direct forum, do troubleshooting, and test to see if issue still there every few hours/days.

Cost: Cable wins
Price (to a point) is least of my deciding factors.

So it's a toss up for me. If price and speed are main factors for you then it's less of a toss up.

Edit: I'm in Markham.