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Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable
reply to OSUGoose

Re: Time Warner - replacement modem better speeds - Los Angeles?

said by OSUGoose:

In powerboost areas, with a D3 modem, would you be more likely to maintain your speed package such as 15/.768 or would the D3 modem not be able to mask a slowdown like a D2 ones can bc it can access powerboost.

You will get whatever speed you pay for. So if you're paying for a plan that has 15 Mbps down, your speed tests will be very close to that. So far, it seems like speeds are more consistent, but some of this is also due to upgrades on TWC's network.


Columbus, OH

Not so on the Insight/RR branded network. I know we have, and that I am on a D3 CMTS, but even a year into TWC buying us, they haven't changed speed packages here. Seriously Insight is vastly incompetent in their management of the network in this city, no wonder TWC finally bought us.