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Jedi Poster

[TWC] Forced to switch to Time Warner--in CA-San Gabriel Valley

In a little less than three weeks I am being forced to move to an apartment complex that is cable ready hardwired for Time Warner Cable. If you want Internet, or cable TV you have to get TW.

I’ve read the Time Warner website and have some questions.

1. When I call them up on the phone to talk to someone about setting up either Internet only, (likely choice) or Internet and cable package will I get someone in the United States? I despise dealing with reps outside of the United States AND that English is their second language.

2. On their web sites they appear to have various options that all are guaranteed at the price shown. However, at the end of 12 months unless I do something the price reverts to straight retail that is dramatically higher—especially ridiculous IMO regarding their cable Internet. The website however, at the end of 12 months instead of doing nothing I should contact my local Time Warner Office to see what promotions are available to me. That suggests I won’t be charged the higher price. But what’s the reality. Will I pay the high retail or closer to the retail price than the 12-month promotional price?

3. Whether I choose the Internet only, (likely), or a TV and Internet combo obviously someone I have to get a modem and TV remote/cable box. Does someone come out and deliver and check service or do they just mail the stuff to me and I set it up. If they come out is there a charge for that? How much?
I move in on December 3rd. What can I do to ensure I have Internet sometime by December 4th at the latest?

Final issue in this plea: If I can get good OTA antenna reception then I will skip the cable for sure. But I KNOW I want the Internet. However, I can’t test the TV OTA reception until December 5th. So if it turns out OTA sucks and I want to get a package deal I would have to add the TV after the Internet and I am worried about another installation or tech visit charge.

FYI, I’m a semi-shut in so Internet and TV in that order is a must—the Internet is a must.

ADDENDUM: The real pain in the neck is I’m only moving 1.1 miles in the same town and the whole town and several surrounding towns all have access to a local broadband Internet, Cable, Phone provider at kick ass prices, service and performance. I’ve been using it for 12 years. But they are locked out of the Apartment complex I’m moving to because of the TW exclusive deal that TW somehow got.