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VyprVPN On Multiple Clients


I have been attempting with out any succes to get vyprVPN setup on DD-WRT so i can have multiple clients (In reality 1 or 2) use it.

I have a RT-n66U I wanted to use as a pure VPN router (Seperate dynamic IP from my ISP conncted right to the modem). Have it all setup with internet access from my ISP but can not get VyprVPN access at all. Followed their instructions on the site, disabled SPI firewall made sure PPTP pass through was enabled. While talking to support they see nothing at all in the logs, not even a failed connection attempt.

Any one else tried this?

In the end all I want is my PS3/Wii to be able to connect to that VPN. I have no issues connecting PC's or even my Android cell phone's.

Any idea's on what I can try? Any idea's on how to connect that PS3/Wii etc. with out native VPN support?

Thanks for any and all advice

Lavalette, WV
Do they support other VPN protocols on your VPN package?

Does your VPN router support alternative VPN protocols?

I've had many successes with L2TP/IPSec rather than PPTP - my DD-WRT router has much more stable WAN connectivity when I use an L2TP/IPSec VPN, even though my network and my ISP's network works fine with PPTP.


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They support OpenVPN for $5 more per month.

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Not sure if you're open to buying another router but if all else fails you could take a look at companies that offer VPN routers. We've tested routers from both FlashRouters and Sabai Technology. They will pre-configure them for certain VPN services. Not sure whether or not either one offers support for VyprVPN but you could always ask.

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