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Los Angeles, CA
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Re: Wifi Help!

From your description, one possibility is that your wireless device driver may not play nice with recovery from standby. Updating your driver could help if it's outdated and if standby is the issue.
Scott Brown Consulting


Fairview, NJ
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Many laptops have a hotkey to disable wifi. Sounds like you hit that key. check your manual or look on the keyboard for a key with the wifi symbol over it

Brampton, ON
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It does sound like your wifi got disable . You need to mention which operating system your using .


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Did you somehow turn of your wireless card in your computer?



Hey guys! I'm aware this question has probaly been asked, and I couldn't find any help or understand many answers! Last night, I shut down my computer for a bit, then turned it back on later to check something. Before I turned it off the internet was working fine (using wifi), when I turned it back on my laptop couldn't find the network and said there was no connections available. I checked the router and everything was working, and the wifi on my phone was also working just fine. I left and came back today to see if anything had changed, but it hadn't. I was forced to plug it in via a wire, which is really frustrating because I have to sit up near the router!! I've tried everything and searched everything, and I don't know what to do! Any help? I'd really like my internet to be working wirelessly again. Also, I'm really no good with technology.. Thanks in advance.