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reply to LynneAnne

Re: Business Class Modem

said by LynneAnne :


I have business class service from comcast and am looking to get rid of the equipment fee on my bill. I should mention that I also have digital voice with them; it's a big ugly Arris modem.

If I purchase the Motorola SurfBoard 6121, will they allow this, and will it remove the equipment rental fee? (Unless that seven bucks is for the voice modem?)

If you have a dynamic IP account, you can use the SB6121.

Your current $7.00 rental fee is for the SMC gateway, but I think that they only waive the $7.00 rental fee for the eMTA if you also are renting a modem for HSI service. My guess would be that they will start charging you the $7.00 rental fee for the eMTA after you return the SMC gateway because you would then no longer be renting a modem for HSI service.
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