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Acworth, GA

Atlanta getting IP's from LA? 11/15/2012

My router reboots each night so I can get a new IP.

This morning I noticed that I am getting an IP in the 209.179.xxx.xxx range and that seems to be from Los Angeles. I can't seem to shake it with router reboots. My IP is usualy in the 66.32.xxx.xxx range

What's up?

Doctor Olds
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What does a tracert look like to DSL Reports or to Google?

This is what I see.

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Acworth, GA
I've gotten about 8 new IP's the last 24 hours without me doing anything. Speedtest are still good at 6.5 mb

Traceroute to www.google.com (, 64 hops max.
1 ( time=40 ms
2 ( time=11 ms
3 dir04-vl-4.ga-atlanta0.ne.earthlink.net ( time=11 ms
4 ( time=12 ms
5 aix.pr1.atl.google.com ( time=12 ms
6 ( time=12 ms
7 ( time=15 ms
8 ( time=30 ms
9 ( time=30 ms
10 *
11 ve-in-f106.1e100.net ( time=72 ms 
*** Traceroute at destination ***


Acworth, GA

1 edit
I can not ping my assigned named servers either

Login Type : PPPoE
Login Status : Connected
Connection Uptime : 0 days, 00:24:32
IP Address : 209.179.xx.xx
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :
DNS 1 :
DNS 2 :
DNS 3 :
MTU : 1492


Acworth, GA
It's not just me. I monitor one of my clients dynamic IP that is also on Mindspring DSL in Atlanta using Direct Update with dyndns.org. On Nov 15 at 3:45 AM he too also went from a 66.32.xxx.xxx IP to 207.176.xxx.xxx IP

I called EarthLink, they have escelated my call to tier 2. I don't care about the IP range, I care about the frequent disconnects.


Acworth, GA

I did figure out my disconnects. I have a script that runs every hour on my server that pings ns.mindspring.com. If the script fails twice in a row, it does a send keys through the serial port of the Zyxel modem and has it reboot.

Since the the IP range 207.176 can not ping ns.mindspring.com I have been getting those reboots, which gives me a new IP address.

Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT
reply to eq2675
The traces don't look like they're bouncing to LA and back. There would be LA hops in the trace and your latency would jump to around 100ms.

If you can't reach Earthlink's DNS servers, set primary DNS to and secondary to, for now. Those are multicast servers, so they should be fast in most areas of the country.

Doctor Olds See Profile lives in the Atlanta area, so he may have some other DNS server for you to try.