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Premium,MVM,Ex-Mod 2008-13
The OC

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reply to No_Strings

Re: [CA] High Latency In Orange County

Flaky stuff going on this morning - dropped connection, modem rebooting. Unplugged and restarted it and lookie, lookie:

Model:Cisco DPC3010
Hardware Revision:1.0
MAC Address:
Bootloader Revision:2.3.0_R1
Current Software Revision:DPC3010-v302r12901-110516a-COX
Firmware Name:dpc3010-v302r12901-110516a-COX.bin
Firmware Build Time:May 16 2011 17:09:15
Cable Modem Status:Operational
Downstream Channels 
 Power Level:Signal to Noise Ratio:
Channel 1: -3.9 dBmV40.5 dB
Channel 2: -3.3 dBmV41.1 dB
Channel 3: -3.6 dBmV40.6 dB
Channel 4: -3.4 dBmV40.4 dB
Channel 5: 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dB
Channel 6: 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dB
Channel 7: 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dB
Channel 8: 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dB
Upstream Channels 
 Power Level:
Channel 1:43.2 dBmV
Channel 2:43.2 dBmV
Channel 3: 0.0 dBmV
Channel 4: 0.0 dBmV

Edit: I should explain that 4/2 is a big step up for our little corner of the OC. Wasn't much more than a year ago that we got 3/1 and only after enduring serious prime time congestion for many months.

This is a welcome, if overdue upgrade.


Aliso Viejo, CA
Lucky you! My latency finally died down late last night and hasn't returned as of yet. I tried a modem reboot here in Aliso Viejo but we're still 3x1.


Irvine, CA
My connection was dropping in and out last night. Couldn't find any reason for it on my end.

Lake Forest, CA
My internet was fine, as was regular and digital TV. But any on demand content I tried to watch would be fine for a while, then get choppy for a few seconds.