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Go Canucks Go
Hamilton, ON
reply to Gone

Re: [TV] Possible to use DCT6416/2000 from Shaw BC on Cogeco Ont

said by Gone:

said by Styvas:

Perhaps there's something different about the equipment I have, but I activated a basic Shaw receiver (DCT400?) on Cogeco. So perhaps it's the one the OP is asking about that absolutely won't be activated, but Shaw equipment, in my case, CAN be activated.

DCT700 I think? And yeah, some people have managed to get DCX3400s or whatever the Shaw PVRs used on the mountain are working, while others have not been so lucky. CableCARDs are when things get really interesting. They just enter them as DCT2000s in the system for activation.

Unless there is a very recent (in the last year or so?) policy change, coaxguy is simply mistaken. It happens to the best of us.

Yeah, it's the 700. I just logged in and looked it up.
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