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Lindenhurst, NY
reply to IllIlIlllIll

Re: [help] What does it take to get some support from this compa

said by IllIlIlllIll:

said by limegrass69:

They didn't come to my building. I honestly don't think they did all that much until the power started coming back. I'm guessing that it was probably next to impossible for them to assess things beyond their core network until they had some power.

that would make sense.
its impossible to determine whether the repaired electronic component will work without applying power to it after it has been repaired, but they could have had a "head start" by fixing what can be fixed in the interim.

I still think 6 days is an awfully LONG time for a direct to the building fiber service. Our service has less of a network on long island then lightpath does and was up and running a lot quicker even though it runs on the same poles.

Sounds like cablevision wasn't prepared at all for the storm or their lightpath network isn't as well designed as they say it is.


If there is a fiber break then yes this should have set a alarm. If 3 trucks have been there i dont know why this wouldnt have been fixed yet. Is the cable to your building damaged? What were the techs looking at on the pole? If it was damaged down road or somewhere else then this could possibly been able to come back online from another ring. Was it lightpath techs that came? Maybe they had no access to somewhere.
You definitely have fiber ?