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Carlisle, PA
reply to 88615298

Re: How to discourage customer complaints

said by 88615298:

said by rradina:

I don't know how badly the person was burned in the famous McDonald's hot coffee incident

3rd degree requiring skin grafts but hey let's complain about the reward without all the facts.

Not really sure what purpose serving coffee at 190 degrees serves.

190 Degrees is the optimal brewing temp of coffee. As a coffee drinker (many times in the car) I've been spilled my share of HOT coffee. It hurts and you do whatever you have to do to get the hot clothes off the skin. Pull it away, take it off, whatever. I've also burned my mouth more times than I care to admit.

We should not reward stupidity...



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Here we go again...
That particular MickyDs was cited a number of times by the health department for serving the coffee at 200 degrees (12 degrees under boiling), and health regulations limit serving temp to about 160 if I remember correctly, the temp that most people find acceptable.

How does MickyD handle complaints about their coffee being too hot? They start a misinformation campaign about people not understanding that coffee is served HOT. T-Mo could learn from this approach.
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Martinsburg, WV
She put the Styrofoam cup between her legs while driving. No "mis-information" there, just stupidity.

Anchorage, AK

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She was parked, attempting to put cream and sugar into her coffee. Stupidity? Perhaps. She still didn't deserve 16% of her body to be burned and require skin grafts and two years of medical treatment for it.