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Lanett, AL
reply to Krisnatharok

Re: Blizz: authenticator lawsuit "patently" false

To me, the difference in the cost is simply the recovery of the physical keyfob. That keyfob costs Blizzard something and while I'm sure the designing of the algorithms cost them something too, it's a lot less than the cost of the keyfob. They are likely simply wanting to recoup some of that cost.

And to be clear, I doubt anyone in their right mind would go and grab a smartphone just to use the free version of the authenticator. As has been pointed out, you're going to pay way more going that route than just getting the keyfob.

That said, you don't need an active phone or even internet access on the device to use it. Maybe you have an old smartphone around that you've since upgraded. Since you can only use one authenticator per account, those with multiple accounts that want them all protected will need multiple keyfobs (and hopefully they were smart enough to label them) or multiple smartphones or some combination thereof.

Also there is an apple version of the app isn't there? Any recent ipod can use that app so it's not even a question of having a smartphone to use the free version. On the same token, a tablet running Android or iOS (and maybe even Blackberry) should be able to use the app as well so there's even more options for you.

Regarding the battery in the keyfob, that's a good point. The keyfob my GF has is starting to die (getting harder to see the screen, and doesn't always respond when the button is pushed). She has had it for about 4-5 years now, which is about all I would expect out of it. Fortunately we just upgraded phones and she now has an Android phone so she just installed the app and swapped authenticators. Maybe I'll take it apart, replace the battery and try to add it to an account I seldom use and see what happens.