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New York, NY
·Verizon FiOS

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A review instead of trouble-ticket? - weird at least

I find it a bit strange when a customer, who has happened to be more than 10 years in this forum, where discussions of questions like this one are a regular matter, acts by posting a negative review for a pure technical issue - all instead of attempting to resolve the same issue with help-desk people.

Voip.ms, as most other VoIP providers are facing a huge Internet related fraud risk and exposure on a daily basis.

They have developed and use software that helps them to automatically identify and isolate attempts to [possibly] defraud their service. The whole purpose of using such automated systems - it's to be able to provide service at less cost than it would be should they keep multiple staffers on salary.

Are such systems ideal, always providing 100% protection? - of course not; there are some false positives - then a manual "intervention" is required, but the whole process of manual escalation is by itself a part of isolation of possible fraudsters from normal customers.

Just to hint a bit - do any of you ever attempt to attack a security personnel at airport when they ask you to remove your belts, shoes and/or rise your hands? - unfortunately, this is a very nature of the world we now all live in.

So instead of attacking those who try to minimize your cost of service - you better try to think how you may help them, save their time and improve their security procedures.

A note to a reader - I represent a competing company who also, on a daily basis has to fight Internet fraud. And we also have cases exactly like this one. And we also have "reviewers"who use this forum as a place to trash/bash a provider just because "they can". I'm simply trying to warn people reading reviews like this one - multiple reviews should carefully be read to create an in-dept understanding of how the service works/worked throughout the time and what other people expressed about this same service - please don't rely solely on "experts" whose only goal is to express their childish anger because they couldn't get a toy right at the moment they wanted it (I'm not talking yet about those "experts" who were possibly paid [directly or otherwise] to make their dirty work).


Oakville, ON
Hi Iscream,

Thank you for you reply but if you read the post I did contact help desk person, had multiple chats with them and even phone calls they have denied me the rights and the reason to why I can't buy DIDs. Now I found out it's because a SINGLE DID was ported out of the system after purchase (not ported out by us but my friend with out my knowledge) So If you read the other posts I have been trying to get this resolved since early 2012. After always getting a answer to buy DIDs manually I found it weird when I singed up a brand new account, passed the security check for a new account and I was able to buy a DID. Oddd....

So there was a reason why they didn't want to sell me DIDs but after getting my voice heard publicly some action was done and finally the same support staff that denied me the reason why I wasn't able to buy a DID escalated the issue to his team lead and got it resolved. Odd but true. If you don't believe me I can show you the tickets transcripts and dates so trust me I tried to contact them prior to this and finally something was done so I'm happy that its been finally resolved. If there are more people out there with the same issues I hope they were not blocked with out any notices.


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Hello jkb3.

I am very glad the issue is now resolved. We look forward to keep providing you with a good service for your end customers, we appreciate your continued business.

We also see that you have been porting more numbers to our network on the last days, we thank you for your continued trust in our company and in the value of our service, we will do our best to meet your expectations.

It is also my knowledge you now have a direct contact for one of our supervisors at technical support, we understand business customers may have different needs/requirements than a home customer.

Thank you for your patronage,
Peter Sahui - VoIP.ms

Spring, TX
reply to jkb3


I am not one to be jumping on reviews and commenting BUT... This review makes no sense at all... Is sad to know the reviewer is been here for 10yrs and has no clue what he just did. This is not a review.
[nUll@dcypher ~]$


Waterloo, ON
I think it's a review and have found this thread very helpful to evaluate voip.ms. An observation of a customer service problem through it's cycle is probably more useful than even a technical review as I'd like to assert that primary reason many of us are not using traditional telcos is, in fact, the attrocious customer service that they provide. If voip.ms provide notably better customer service (they unquestionably do!), then they deserve more business, but we won't know any of this without direct and blunt discussion and observation of the handling of customer service problems.
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