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Heave Steve, for the good of the country

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Re: GTA is Full of Them - Another "My Rights Are More Impor

said by camelot:

Please stay on-topic or go hijack someone else's thread.

The original story, and as a result this thread, revolve around religious belief, the practice of that belief, and the effect those beliefs have on others. That is the ultimate topic since the barber refused - on religious grounds - to cut the woman's hair.

If you want to take a side, take the side of the woman. Last I heard, Canada is comprised of about 50% women.
I would take umbrage with ANY religious group of any size and popularity whose theology treats half the members of its society with anything other than dignity, respect, and full participatory rights in that society.

Yes, minority & religious rights are important and must be respected but unless you want a country, any country, to devolve into a theocracy, then religion is best practiced at home and in places of worship.

What would your view be if this occurred:
A Jew/Protestant/Catholic walks into a Muslim barbershop, asks for a haircut, and is denied because he's an 'infidel'?
What if the 'infidel' was a woman? Does that make it any more justifiable?

And no, this isn't YOUR thread - so I really don't have to go away.

Toronto, ON
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This is like the story a while ago that some muslim cabbies would not take a passenger with a dog (no matter how small or large) because in their religion dogs are "unclean".

There's a reason that most of the muslim world is in the shape its in and the people are generally laughed at...