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Jedi Poster
reply to btB

Re: [TWC] Forced to switch to Time Warner--in CA-San Gabriel Val

said by btB :

I say get dsl because you obviously do not trust Time Warner. Seriously, the physical location of the sales rep is so important that you have to spend time researching this?

I speak only English. I also have a bit of a hearing problem. So, yes I like to talk to someone that I can understand because they speak fluent and conversational English, speak slowly, and speak up just a bit too. Plus you would be surprised what a help it is if they can fully understand me. You would be amazed how that enhances and optimizes communication both in terms of comfort and accuracy of understanding by both parties. Then of course, the USA like every country has its own unique national culture and societal footprint as do all other countries. Talking to someone that is in the US and was raised or in the US or as been here for quite some times enhances communication. Then of course I live in Southern California and it is advantageous if someone has some idea or understanding about the area I live in. It's hard to find someone in Manilla or Mumbai that "gets it" no matter how genuine they might be in their efforts.

Then you may have noticed that my issue about the location of the rep, both sales and by inference tech support should one have a problem was just one small part of "researching" Time Warner Communications.

DSL in my area is not a practical solution as the local telco of which all DSL providers have to use has serious problems accommodating DSL. They are actually on the road to if not officially then functionally ceasing to provide necessary access.