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Sanger, TX
·Embarq Now Centu..
reply to Rey

Re: Meanwhile.....

said by Rey :

ATT DSL still offers 1.5MB download speed and 750KB upload speed, pathetic! Uverse isn't any better if you can get it in your area.


Is the reason for majority of my rants. Horrible speeds but forced to pay top dollar.

tim tim tim

Lutz, FL
I agree that DSL sucks and I Feel for you guys stuck in those markets.

To expect this price to become the norm is retarded though, its clear Google is in this for profit and definitely LOSING money, they just have deep enough pockets for it to be OK.. Most of these companies there "competing with" only have their telecom/video product to make money so I doubt well ever see prices that low from them (especially as we consider inflation).

Regardless, I'm glad their paving the way for possible future growth and technology in the market.. Maybe their large investment will drive down the costs of these products in the long run for others to offer stuff closer to this.