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Charlotte, NC

[TWC] TWC Internet Slow - Packet Loss at

The cause of the Internet being slow for me is an issue between the street and a Charlotte-based TWC router:, TWC support has confirmed the issue is not from the street to my computer and are able to see the same packet loss. The packet loss is intermittent and is combined with varying latency between normal and 2500ms. I was able to find the information using PingPlotter, an application that can be download from the Internet. I opened a support ticket with TWC support and they credited my account for the daily service interruptions which are on going in the Charlotte, NC area.


Syracuse, NY
»[TWC] very slow speeds

I'm suffering too


Darlington, SC
·Time Warner Cable
reply to ron1cne
I smokepinged my account and was showing the same you're seeing...I opened a ticket yesterday and today they called me and said there was a problem in the Columiba office affecting me in Darlington.. Later on it cleared....on Firefox...on Chrome its still a issue (I suspect Flash has not been upgraded on Chrome yet)