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Augusta, GA
reply to Skittles

Re: Blizz: authenticator lawsuit "patently" false

thats not the horde i grew up with... despite the faction i'm currently playing I'm Forsaken/Sin'dorei at heart.
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Phoenix, AZ
amen to this. I wrote up an article on the asshatery that is the horde these days, at least in BG's. I'm steadily racking up losses. WHen i look at the score board i can typically see me in the top 3-5 then the next horde make an appearance somewhere after 10th in terms of damage, hk and KBs. WTH happened. I thought with hellscream we'd be a little more aggressive.

On topic:
I bought an authenticator for D3 (dreams of making millions on the RMAH had me wanting to double up on security measures). The two times id' taken a hiatus from WOW when i came back my account was hacked.

Not this time though. The authenticator works. If you can afford 15 bucks a month you can afford 6.40 for a lifetime....
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Next up, is wow a right?