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My dog is an elitist
reply to neochu

Re: This explains a lot: people are getting dumber

Not sure where you're going with this. How is that quote "biased"? It seems to me demonstrably true. Kids used to have to learn long division, memorize multiplication tables, learn to use logarithm tables and learn why they worked, learn to use slide rules -- now they just pound numbers into a calculator. This is not necessarily "bad", nor does he ever say it is, but it certainly requires far less skill and therefore levels the differences between the bright and the not-so-bright when it comes to these skills.

And at no point does he suggest or imply that we need to "destroy technology and go backwards." Like the other poster, these are all biases that you're reading into it because, for whatever reason, you apparently disagree with his observations. It's possible to disagree with him without suggesting some nefarious Luddite plot!
"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts."
Daniel Patrick Moynihan