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Elkhorn, NE
reply to DarkLogix

Re: Design a raid

said by DarkLogix:

In the huge raid I mentioned the last boss of part 1 would be a 4way chess game.

you'd have some faceless ones on one side, horde on another, ally on another, and then you.

you could team up with your faction, or the other faction but if its not your faction they might betray you.

Personally, I find this intriguing, challenging. WhatIf - a group of alliance were running this raid, and actually squaring off against a group of horde that were running this raid - not a PvP thing, but just co-mingled for this one boss. There would never (?) be a set way to beat this boss, because the human variable would always be in place, literally a chess match.

edit - in the time it took me to respond to Dark's suggestion of the chess match, others came up with the same scenario.
Really liking that one.

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