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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
reply to Immer

Re: Design a raid

You know what here's an idea that would work with my huge raid idea

ok after you've cleared the 1st part of the raid (ie the tower) there would be a raid entrance that would become available to you, it'd be a 4way-3d-chess/BG, and by making it available you'd be able to use something to tell the horde your ready and to send their raid there too.

on one side is your ally raid
on another side a horde raid
The faction leaders would be fighting an evenly matched battle each leader paired with an opposing faction leader on different platforms.

you'd have to kill elite old god minions to activate the portals to get to the higher levels.

all the while having to move per the rules of chess

then have the burning legion and the old gods fighting

then you have faceless ones littering the board

then for a bit of fun Sheldon cooper on the top platform wielding the sword of azeroth.

Then each time you kill an opposing faction leader your faction leader that had been fighting with them would help.

the chess raid would be available in 10/25 and 40man raid.