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Cary, NC

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Re: Design a raid

I would make a raid based in the spirit realm. The main antagonist can be some creature from the Nether that was dispatched by the heroes is now causing havoc. The patch would add a new zone which would have two versions. The regular realm would have the quest hubs and dailies associated with it, but there would be an ominous fortress that is inaccessible. In order to gain entry, the heroes must kill themselves in which they will “awaken” as a spirit form at their same location. (Sorry Nelfs, no wisps). The new world will be a twisted form of the same zone, only instead of the grayish tones, there will be lighter color pallets. The heroes would be able to traverse the fortress, eliminating foes on their way to the antagonist.

1) Loathing (Gear-Check Boss) – This will test tank mitigation, raid healing, and dps
a. Abilities / Mechanics
i. Smash – Hits for major damage that will one-shot any DPS. Tank must take it or it will kill a random raider. This will require healers to keep tanks alive.
ii. Short Enrage timer – DPS must go hard or go home. Expect that enrage timer is hit every time with only a 15 second window.

2) Fear (Mechanics Boss) -This boss will test the raids ability to move as a group, coordinate and position properly
a. Abilities / Mechanics
i. Fears tanks every x seconds, forcing tanks to be ready to taunt
ii. Cleave – will require tanks to get back into position and keep boss facing away from melee
iii. Void zones – melee must move around boss as small void zones spawn around boss one at a time, no more than 1 up at a time. Tanks must try to keep voids at boss sides in order to allow melee to dps from behind
iv. Void zones – ranged must move from void zones placed under every ranged every x seconds
v. Random Fears on all others – just because

3) Gluttony (Low/Lack of healing Boss) – This boss will test the raid’s ability to maintain resources
a. Abilities / Mechanics
i. Consumption – the boss slowly consumes players resources requiring dps to be frugal, stay out of danger, and tanks to swap with CD’s as healers will be short on mana

4) Lust – This boss will test the raid makeup as there are two groups
a. Abilities / Mechanics
i. Raid must split into two groups in which they will race to clear trash to finish. The winning group has a better loot table.
ii. This is mostly speed trash runs with the end point a door which the dps must break down while the tank holds off additional waves of enemies. The winning group gets loot incentive.

5) Agony – This will be role swap fight similar to Dreamwalker in ICC
a. Abilities / Mechanics
i. Swap – Healing and DPS are reversed for this fight. Melee must keep tanks alive by damaging them, while ranged must keep healers up. Healers will damage the boss through healing.
ii. Tank drain – top five on threat will have their live gradually drain away, requiring the DPS to keep them up.

6) Temptation - Adds Boss with greed check
a. Abilities / Mechanics
i. Standard tank swap fight with multiple adds that spawn
ii. All adds always drop an unknown item that either boosts dps and healing, rewards individuals gold and personal items (smaller chances), or kills them instantly with a targeted boss ability.
iii. Difficult enrage timer that if players boosted, becomes easy.

7) Boss 7 – serious wall of text

8) Pride - 2 Mob fight, 1 boss w/ 1 chaser
a. Abilities / Mechanics
i. Highest equipped ilvl character is always chased
ii. After a chase, character is debuffed, lowering their ilvl by 20
iii. Tanks and healers can be chosen as well as dps.
iv. Highest DPS / Threat and Healing done are debuffed as well. The higher the disparity, the greater the debuff.
v. Fight will require all players to contribute equally.

9) Purgatory – Long monotonous Fight – with lots of movement (Think Sindrigosa)
a. Abilities / Mechanics
i. Stacking debuffs on tanks that increases damage taken, causing them to swap
ii. Random players are marked then incapacitated
iii. It takes players to stop dpsing (think bandaging someone) to bring back incapacitated players.
iv. Marked players must spread out or cause more players to gain debuff
v. Random zones on the ground that incapacitate players as well.

10) Death – Final Boss – this fight is about coordination and precision
a. Abilities / Mechanics
i. First Realm – Death (current)
1. Players can not die, but healing/threat/damage will be reduced by 90% if at 1 health in this realm
2. Resurrecting players in this realm sends them to the living realm
ii. Second Realm – Life
1. Players that die in this realm are sent back to the Death realm
iii. Players will move between two realms through death and resurrection.
iv. Group will all start in Death realm, and 1 tank and 1 healer will be sent to Life realm shortly into the fight.
v. During this time the boss will mostly phase to the Live realm
vi. Healers must Rez additional DPS to split the raid.
vii. Threat and DPS must maintain equal levels to keep boss split between realms
viii. If boss moves to full live realm, all in death realm die.
ix. If boss moves to full life or death realm, it gains health and damage.
x. As the boss gets lower and lower, DPS gain increased damage causing more dps to be on living side as the fight progresses. All players must finish the fight in the live realm except the last one. A sacrifice. (Tank)
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edit: added boss 6 - Temptation and 8 Pride.