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Plano, TX

[Billing] Does that executive billing snafu number still exist?

So each month on this new small business billing website my billing website account gets downgraded where I can login, and pay, but I can't view my bill or make any changes, which really sucks for me because my company pays for my internet portion that I use a company card with to pay but I pay for TV, so it's important to see the billing breakdown. For some reason re-activating my account through like activate.verizon.com or whatever the website is used to fix it, but now that doesn't even work after I upgraded to 75/35 business.

My account is totally broken now. For me to re-upgrade to full access to see my bills now I have to have them send me a pin (Which never comes because some error in their system holds it up and it never goes through to actually generating a snail mail to be mailed out to me), and the phone number they can send it to on the account that nobody can change was cancelled back in 2009, so they can't send it there either, so now I'm stuck with an account I don't have full access to and have to call in to get a bill breakdown. (Funny considering I'm paying for one of the most advanced networks on the planet)

I've been migrated through two "billing systems" over the years, and I'm pretty sure those have broken my account somehow to it's current state, honestly when I signed up way back in the day I was one of the first "business" fios customers, and back then it took them almost 2 or 3 days just to figure out how to open a business account that had static IPs and TV on it, and ever since I cancelled the phone portion it has royally screwed my billing.

Now for the soapbox rant:
If there wasn't such an inferior alternative to FiOS I would have switched service years ago. Thank our government for letting these corps run wild and build up to such monopolies they are today.



Re: [Billing] Does that executive billing snafu number still exi

In the past week or so, small business account website features such as "View bill" or "view payment history" no longer works, so you're not alone


Cliffside Park, NJ
reply to McBane
Lol I can't even get billing office to get me upgraded to 75/35. They said we have the option but we can't process the order and we have to put in an internal helpdesk ticket...