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Old Martin
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Re: [DSL] DryLoop

Since you will be going with a dryloop & voip... it may depend if you are getting a new phone # or getting a new one.

If getting a new one, cancel your services, find out what your cancellation date is & get a dryloop service for the day the service gets cancelled.

If you keep the phone #, don't cancel phone so that you don't have issues proting the #. But DSL may have to be cancelled on the day the porting is to happen. Once you have the date of the cancellation of your DSL, place the dryloop on that date.

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Thanks for the quick reply Martin - I was informed today that TSI can no longer port numbers over from Bell (something about a limit being reached) so I have no choice but to get a new number to use with TekTalk). Since the goal is to save $$s overall, we'll just cancel the old number (even though its a bit of a pain).

Working hard to become a Teksavvy customer - trusting you guys will work to keep my business once you have it!

Old Martin
As far as I know if it's a porting from Bell to TekTalk, we may be able to retain the #, but from Bell to our Home Phone, that wouldn't be possible.

If you'd like to PM your # & address I can double check to make sure we can port or not the # to our TekTalk service.