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Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to analog andy

Re: GTA is Full of Them - Another "My Rights Are More Impor

said by analog andy:

said by MaynardKrebs:

if I refused to serve you lunch at my restaurant in June because you are black, would everything be ok now because I offered to get a black waiter to serve you in August, and would that negate my behaviour towards you in June?

So your religion says no serving black people?

I walk into a Muslim restaurant and ask for Pork based lunch. They say they don't serve pork. I'm like ok I'll have this instead or go somewhere else. Problem solved and I don't need 15 min of fame on the local news trying to destroy someone life over petty ass shit.

If there's no pork on the menu then there's no pork.
But in the barber's case haircuts ARE on the menu - in fact they're pretty much the ONLY thing on the menu.


This situation reminds me of a song by the not so well-known great Texan, Kinky Friedman

We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service to You

While traveling through the lone star state
I lost my lunch before I ate,
It happened in a pull-ahead café. yahoo!
I felt my bones begin to crunch
I saw my name on the businessman's lunch [haircut]
And the neck who owned the place stepped up to say:
"Hey buddy, are you blind,
Say, partner, can't you read the sign ?"

We reserve the right to refuse service to you,
Take your business back to Walgreen's,
Have you tried your local zoo?
You smell just like a communist, [unclean]
You come on through just like a Jew, [woman]
We reserve the right to refuse service to you.

[substitution appropriate to the barber situation]