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Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH

MagicJack plus update.

A while ago, I purchased a MagicJack plus. we had issues with it from the get go. It got warm to the touch and would act funky. Meaning no dail tone, or when it sounded like you were on a speaker phone.

Anyhow, I finally got fed up with it, and decided to see what assistance I could get. I went to the magicJack web site, hit the live chat option. The first person I talked to was unable to help me, so handed me off to a second person. That person suggested that I try using my Ipad charger to power the Magicjack. We were trying to see what part of the magicjack was bad. The power adapter, or the unit itself. Anyhow, after two days the magicjack started acting up again.

So I went back to the site, went to live chat, give them the reference number for the last chat session.
The decision they made was to send me a replacement unit. Which has worked perfectly since the day I received it.

So my wife became happy, and that made the rest of us happy
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