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Damn Kidney Stones
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Owen Sound, ON
reply to Grappler

Re: GTA is Full of Them - Another "My Rights Are More Impor

said by Grappler:

Some mention was made of Muslim Doctors, Emergency personnel etc. Checking with a friend of the Muslim faith I was advised that would not be an issue, their faith is also one of compassion, saving of life etc. and that Muslims in those types of professions would be "forgiven" as their primary doctrine would be to assist and provide aid, etc.

Perhaps a more realistic situation is man presenting in the ER are requesting a woman physician for their wife. They are Muslim. There is no woman physician available. The person leaves.
Need-based health care not greed-based health care.

fun fun

in this article,»www.xtra.ca/public/Toronto/Toron ··· 751.aspx, the Ontario Human Rights says:

If the Tribunal finds that the barber shop violated McGregor's rights, it could order a monetary settlement or order the shop to implement a set of “public remedies,” such as ordering the shop to offer services “in a way that is considered non-discriminatory.” That may involve hiring additional staff, for example, she says.

heh. All they will do is force the closure of a business as these guys stated they will leave and work at something else if forced. And a monetary settlement won't work. Each and every woman could walk in off the street yell discrimination and get a financial settlement in perpetuity as long as they remain in business which would drive them to bankruptcy.

And if they force them to hire someone else to take an appointment on certain days pf the week or month to accommodate a single woman, who is going to burden the costs of that additional labour and over-head? It would have to be the woman demanding it. So then we have a situation of a mans haircut being 20$ and a womans haircut being 80$ for the exact same thing. Then we start the discrimination all over again due to price

I would also require a deposit to pay the extra help should the woman not show up. Otherwise they are taking business/financial risks for no reason.

And if the barber hits hard times it's kind of hard to justify being forced to have additional labour for one woman. Doesn't make sense.

But this is the law of the land. No business can (or is not supposed to) refuse service based on gender.

I think they should hire a blind barber with a seeing eye dog so they can complain dogs are against their religion

The way I see it, these guys are screwed no matter what.