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Milford, NH
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Replacing my aging Netopia 3346N ADSL2 router

I may be changing ISPs soon and thought it would be a good idea to upgrade to a new router. This is for a home network with probably no more then a dozen devices active at a time.

There is lots of detail on the ZyZel web site but I don't see any sort of comparison chart.

1) New ADSL service will probably be 6-10Mbp/s
2) WAN connection is DHCP not PPPoE
3) Router is in basement and I have a standalone AP upstairs so really don't need built-in WiFi but my guess it may be less expensive to get a router with Wi-Fi.
4) Have an external switch so single port router is OK but extra LAN ports are always useful
5) IPv6 support is not a near term issue but will likely need it during the life of the router.
6) Some sort of QoS would be nice.

I'm looking at the P-660H family but am having a hard time identifying the differences between the various units.

Can anyone point me to a comparison chart?


Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON
I do not have a link to a comprehensive comparison chart.

I suggest that you consider the ZyWALL USG50 -- IMO its best to leave out the integrated wireless stuff. Disregard the UTM stuff as the USG50 does not have the horsepower -- but otherwise the product is very good. If UTM is important then the USG300 is where I would start. In view this is for your home and no more then a dozen devices active at a time the USG50 will serve you well.
David Mozer
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reply to tschmidt
USG is nice if you have an ADSL CPE you can bridge.
But the USG does not have any DSL chips, so you will need an ADSL CPE also.

I would look at things named HNU ie P2601 or 2612 or 2812 and with those you should not need an USG unless you really want the UTM stuff.

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