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motorola SBG6580 modem

My question is probably so easy but I am learning and need help. I am trying to reconnect my Epson workforce 600 printer to the internet again. We had satellite and now we have cable.

As I am going through the set up it asks me what my WEP code or password is and if I hexa or alpha and if I am 64 or 128 bit. Where do I find this information? I see so many numbers on the bottom of the modem but when I read about the hexa or alpha bits they say I am supposed to have either 10 or 26 digits and now of the numbers I see fit into either one of these scenerios. Help, Thank you


Just noticed this. Hopefully you already figured it out, but in case you or anyone else needs a hand:
I'm going to guess that you're trying to connect the printer to the SBG6580 via a wireless connection.
With that in mind, the WEP key or password is usually set by your ISP if they're managing the modem (if not, you can log into the modem by opening your browser and going to » or » in most cases, and setting the wireless SSID and encryption password.
WPA2 is preferable over the less secure WEP). If you don't have your wireless password handy, call your ISP and have them give it to you or reset it if needed.
Then when the printer asks for the password in hex or alpha, you should select hex if the password is only the numbers 0-9 and letters A-F, or alpha if you are using 0-9 and letters A-Z and/or symbols and spaces in the password).

Hex stands for hexadecimal and is a type of numbering used by computers, and uses the letters A-F to represent the numbers 10-15.
» ··· adecimal

Alpha is for alphanumeric (numbers and letters)
» ··· anumeric

Hope this helps!