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Martin, TN
reply to gozer

Re: Frontier trying to get more money again

said by gozer:

the fact that whenthepawn had his bill go down he so got slammed. I think all of you should call and check if I'm right. Also Thepawn said the $1.00 charge had no info on his bill and only thing for a buck was a yahoo mail I will have to take a look.

I don't think I got slammed. You can read about what happened here: »[DSL] Inevitable Billing Nightmare? HELP!

My bill total is back where it used to be, but like I said, it has gone up by $1.00 according to this month's bill. However, I don't want to hijack Hank's thread with my issues.

I only mentioned the $1 increase because Hank said that the 2nd connect fee was $1.00 more than it should be.

I'm sure his [and my] charges are not related, but I found it funny how both of us have seen $1.00 increases without explanation.