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Your Daddy
reply to El Quintron

Re: Top 500 Supercomputers - November 2012

said by El Quintron:

said by Archivis:

I've seen the high end stuff take up to 10-15 minutes to fully boot up.

Wouldn't that account for it Launching all these individual virtual machines, and assigning the amount of cores and ram to them?


These boot up times are strictly for powering on the servers. When you have dozens of cores and hundreds of gigs of RAM or even terabytes of RAM with multiple fibre cards and multiple network cards, it can take a while for everything to come up.

At that point, I can power on the virtual servers from there, which is standard OS boot time.

My example is talking about IBM Power frames running AIX. The frame can take 10-15 minutes to come up in some cases. There are virtual I/O servers that manage the hardware resources (an OS that virtualizes/load balances/creates redundancy) and then the actual LPARs (Logical Partitions, the equivalent to VMs in the rest of the world).
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