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Re: VoIP Router Recommendation

What about VPN though? The WNDR3700 didn't have VPN built in and we don't use any servers. I wanted to have VPN so that users have to VPN in to use a Softphone with Asterisk. I don't really want to use Tomato because I had DD-WRT on the WNDR3700 before and it was awful never worked properly and was screwy so rather get something that works out of the box. Is it best to get a router that supports VPN right on it? Or have a VPN server running on Asterisk, or on another system that's strictly for VPN?

What about like a Cisco RV110W?

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Victoria, BC
Tomato is very different from dd-wrt. I think you'll have a MUCH better time with it

I, too, started off with dd-wrt and got tired of it's glitchiness. I'm not afraid to let my customers play with their Tomato configuration as it's significantly more polished and user friendly.

The build I use supports many kinds of VPNs. We have Tomato managing secure links for law offices and medical offices that need something a bit more secure than most customers.
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