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Shanks, WV
reply to Hank

Re: Frontier trying to get more money again

Hank I agree the last two times I have spoken with a CSR I have had a good experience I.E. problems resolved then and there. I even had a CSR call me back and had my bill lowered (was paying 118 for phone and dsl) now its down to 90 and some change that includes my 2nd connect. I think Frontier is seeing the need to keep customers happy especially since they are trying to get into the Energy field now. Yes as Customers we are the ones that make or break a company, I think Frontier finally got to the point that if they lose revenue they won't be able to expand into other areas. But I do wish they would first and foremost make us dsl users happy I.E> up the speed for us rural areas that were not originaly Verizon cusomers

Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
·Frontier Communi..
I thoroughly agree. I would like to see the improvements that the claim they have made. Cutting speed/service back because the system is oversold is not the answer. In our area it is just not internet that we have issues with, but it is also there are problems on the voice side. Particularly with voice mail and 800 routing. It is not unusual when you dial an 800 series number that it is mis-routed, even when calling numbers assigned to Frontier.


Martin, TN
Just thought I would throw this out there since I mentioned it earlier in the thread:

I went to my local Frontier office to ask about the $1.00 increase for the Internet on my November bill. I was told that it had increased by $1.00 because I was not locked into any term contracts for any of their services (and because the rate at which I'm being charged for Internet [$30.95/mo] is no longer offered.

I'm not sure if it makes any sense -- especially since I was put back on my original phone/Internet plan in August after complaining long enough. I guess I don't understand why I didn't see the $1.00 increase sooner?

At any rate, I added call waiting to my phone service and was told a little tidbit: If you want to add a SINGLE calling feature to your phone service, you have to do it in person because all of Frontier's calling features are almost always bundled into plans online.