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Glendale, AZ

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reply to ConstantineM

Re: Still no generator, no geo-redundancy, 15+ day delay

said by ConstantineM:

I just received this letter, too.

I didn't find the following three points addressed in this letter at all:

• No mentions regarding their lack of a diesel power generator or what they're doing about it. I shall presume, they're doing exactly nothing about their lack of reserve power (their short-term UPS backup that is supposedly only good for an hour or less, and is basically only sufficient enough to shutdown the systems cleanly, hardly counts as reserve power).

• No explicit mention or acknowledgement that they only have one facility, which is the precise reason why they've experienced so much downtime. Again, looks highly unlikely that they're going to address that one, either.

• Still no mention why their customers weren't informed prior to their pre-planned and complete shutdown. Also, it took, what, 2+ weeks for them to compose this letter, which doesn't even address stuff like the generator and geo-redundancy, and lack thereof?


I really want to be impressed here, but precisely what is there to be impressed about?

Seems like the only reason they've automated the refund process might be to get rid of people asking for the refund manually through tickets; their delay for tickets is horrible right now, yet in the other thread they were still advising everyone to open-up tickets to get their refunds! New servers to combat their DDoS sounds like old news from the last month that they've supposedly long as taken care of; what else if there in this letter that actually deserves some attention?

Then leave.
I took the credit as broke. Plus did use some of my time making my equipment work with DDOS changes. Phone quality did suck for a time. Plus the outage. I thought about letting them keep it. But am broke.
Thing is I was thinking of leaving. May not leave anyways but the gesture is good. It would cost them way mmore in advertising to get a new customer than the slight refund i got. they can think of it as cheap advertising for an existing customer.

Now my wife may need a business line at home. May go pots expensive or get a line through our cable provider less expensive. VOIP at this time does not seem reliable. Plus easier to tell a boss a major company failed you then ????? That applies to most VOIP not just CC.
One main killer for a home office setup is if CC goes down single failure point no call forwarding. If telco or pots goes down as outside plant or anything beside major switch failure you can always call forward. Switches tend to have some backup and start reporting they are failing sos before blow up. Plus even with a major switch failure a real telco will figure out how to do call forwarding if needed.
So go to pots or cable or a really expensive pro setup. For my home phone not changing yet. For wife's home work line will go more expensive POTS or cable not necessarily better but easier to explain to your boss plus always call forward to another line and have a voip that will let me change the out going caller id if needed for outgping backup.