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It's pair bonding

I doubt they would totally lie if they could be held legally responsible, so my guess is they played some games with areas that didn't have the software switch for pair bonding thrown yet. They also still have a lot of crossboxes that they upgraded for U-Verse that don't have U-Verse equipment on yet.

I seriously doubt that they would actually cut DSL users off. Maybe not upgrade them, but if you're not going to put the money in, why stop collecting the subscription fees? No capital investment + constant revenue = lots of profit.

However, AT&T really needs to get with the program. If they keep doing this, they won't have a landline business left to speak of. It's already a mess. Unfortunately, the shareholders can't seem to look past the current quarter. If they could look long-term, they would be demanding that AT&T install GPON FTTH over their entire footprint.

Also, they are not at a total standstill. They doubled their available speed available at my house from 1.5mbps to 3mbps... LOL. Must have installed an IP-DSLAM. Definitely sticking with Comcast.