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reply to Wolfie00

Re: GTA is Full of Them - Another "My Rights Are More Impor

said by Wolfie00:

Government discrimination argument = FAIL. Discrimination laws generally apply to all institutions, public and private.

It's interesting that you can say that in a country where they have publicly-funded schools for different religious groups.

In any event, are we now to say that a barbershop is an institution?

There seems to be a lack of common sense here.

Of course it would not be acceptable for a woman to be refused service at a restaurant, or at a gas station, or by an accountant.

But (sorry for the repetition) this involves physical touching, and if a man is uncomfortable for whatever reason touching a woman (or vice versa) and if the woman can get serviced somewhere else, the man should not be forced by the government....

said by Wolfie00:

And being male or female can generally be considered to be "part of a group"!

So all health clubs will be banned from having certain sessions for men only or women only? Again, common sense. Plenty of men will come to leer at women exercising, and the women will just stop coming.

Why not merge the locker rooms, while you're at it?

said by Wolfie00:

We have an evolving set of social standards and mores. To defy those standards on any grounds, including ostensibly religious ones, is unacceptable in any enlightened secular, democratic and civilized society.

But this is not a secular society. This is a privately-owned barbershop run by a Moslem fellow.

And he's not discriminating against anyone by their race or religion or beliefs or sexual orientation or politics. He just does not want to lay HIS own hands on a woman, and that's a reasonable extension of his religion.

While you're at it, why not have the government require the Catholic church to accept women priests? Where do you want to stop in building your utopia?

said by Wolfie00:

It seems a lot clearer to advocate for a set of rational secular laws and principles that govern both basic human rights and non-discriminatory business practices and relegate religion to the homes and churches that wish to practice it.

What of the human right of a male who does not want to be forced to touch an unrelated female, in his own shop?

What of HIS rights in this brave new world?